Marcin Nabiałek Częstochowa, Poland, M.Sc. Eng

Marcin Nabiałek - experience

I got interested into programming at the end of high school so I chose to study Computer science. In 2007 I got Master of Science Engineer degree in Computer science, specialisation Software Engineering and Information Systems at the Technical University of Czestochowa in Poland. My master’s thesis work was titled Content management systems as Internet applications of the XXI century so it was strongly connected to Internet and developing web applications.

My as PHP developer - the beginnings

My experience as PHP programmer goes back to 2003 year when I decided to develop and publicly launch my first website with C++ course I've created. It was not a very simple website as many "first" websites - I used HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript and this site was created using W3C recommendations.

I liked developing websites so much, that in 2004 year I created 3 more websites including the new version of site from 2003 year. This site created using XHTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript gained not only new design and new website code but also simple forum based on text files. I also created for purposes of this site C++ Code Colouring what is C++ software to convert C++ source files into HTML format so I could place nicely formatted C++ source files using CSS to highlight C++ syntax on this site.

Working as freelancer PHP developer

In years 2005-2007 I've started developing websites as freelancer. In this period I learned how to use database engines as MySQL and Smarty template engine. At almost all projects I've created in this time I worked both as PHP developer and front-end developer - from sliced designs from graphic designer I had to create full working website using (X)HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Smarty technologies.

In the above period as freelancer PHP developer I created over 30 projects, of which 20 was full websites (including 2 online stores). I was responsible also for determination of functionality requirements and had direct contact with customers (also remotely). At this time I also learned to optimize websites for SEO purposes, create advanced CSS files and develop accessible and more functional websites (W3C, WAI).

Work for

In December 2006 I started to work full-time remotely for - one of top Polish domain registrars and hosting providers. I started to work here as webmaster and SEO expert and took part in rebranding of company's website with offer for clients (XHTML/CSS coding, consulting, optimization for SEO purposes) and later in SEO activities. My duties at that time was mainly creating subpages of in XHTML and CSS technologies, detailed browser testing and cooperation with graphic designers and also determination of functionality requirements and testing new services and website functionalities.

From May 2008 to April 2009 I worked for as Implementation Specialist and Senior Implementation Specialist. In that time I was mainly responsible for implementation of new services and functionalities for I cooperated with many external companies and workers of Domains Department and Technical Department and was also responsible for testing the most important services and website functionalities.

From May 2009 to September 2010 I worked for as Deputy manager of Implementation and Development Department & Project Manager. I determined functionality requirements and coordinated implementation of new functionalities and services in Implementation and Development Department. I was also responsible for supervision of testing new services, assignment of new tasks for employees. In addition I proposed changes in existing procedures to raise both work efficiency and services quality.

My own business

I wanted to develop my skills and knowledge and in July 2007 I set up own business - Websign. My core activity was websites optimization and SEO, both for my own and clients. I developed also some websites in PHP, MySQL, Smarty, XHTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. I also gained knowledge about affiliate marketing.

For some time my business activities focus only on development projects for my own. I don't work as SEO expert any more. For my business needs I have created for example simple invoicing system, system for managing domains and link exchange systems and system to generate a lot of sites for SEO purposes.

Work at Friendly Solutions Corp.

Since December 2014 I've been working at Friendly Solutions Corp. as PHP developer. I'm responsible to rewriting CRM to new API version available as API for mobile devices (Android, iOS) and front-end (AngularJS) in Laravel 5.1 framework. My duties include optimization of code logic and MySQL queries, creating new functionalities and writing Codeception tests. I've done over 1400 GIT commits and written over 1600 Codeception tests so far.


I've developed websites since 2003. I've created more than 40 full working websites and 17 projects where I had to expand or change website functionality. I know PHP, Laravel frmework, MySQL, (X)HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Smarty. I have experience in cooperation and work coordination of several member teams. You can read more what I am able to in Skills section.